- Ientify a word which is significant for you
- Sit in a relatively quiet and with your eyes closed
-Keep repeating the chosen word in your mind
- Many thoughts will keep flooding your mind .Let them come in,don't fight them
- Be alert and  begin chanting the word again
- The same thoughts or other thoughts will come in.Let them
- But like before be alert and pick up the word again
- Continue the process for about 20 minutes by the clock
- The result will be a feeling of relaxed alertness
- Meditate at least twice a day and as far as possible at the same time every day


 --Choose a given time of the day when you are not rushed

 --Give a 2-hour gap after meal or 30 minutes before a meal

 Deep Breathing

- Inhale through the nose expanding your stomach like a balloont

Exhale through your mouth,contracting your stomach

- Continue doing it for at least 12 to 15 breathing cycles as long as it does not cause you any discomfort


-- Give a 2-hour gap after a meal or a 30-minute gap before a meal

 Visual Imagery

 Imagine or visualize pleasurable activities or situations to reduce stress level

 you could

- Relieve the images of an enjoyable activity or present situation

- Imagine mastery of a challenging goal

-Visualize an image of Creative expressions such as dancing,singing or anything else that makes you feel relaxed. 

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